Accessible Fun!!

Dot from Course Beetle signing with a willing participant!


Things really do seem to be changing for people with disabilities, both learning and physical. This article was really heart warming; such a great idea but it takes someone totally dedicated to the cause to pull it off!

As you may remember from posts back in May we collaborated¬†with a group of Makaton tutors and Speech and Language Therapists to get #comfest’17 off the ground. This was an accessible festival for people with communication needs and learning disabilities, we had lots of music, laughter yoga, dancing, Makaton signs and symbols, MyChoicePad actives etc. It really was a huge success but our vision is for it to grow year on year and to end up with something similar to this video below. So we will be on the look out for people to help us out – we all do it voluntarily because we really want to support those who have difficulties accessing music festivals.