Lego Based Therapy coming soon!

All the way back in June, Ami attended a course called ‘Building Skills – Lego® based therapy’ in Birmingham and learnt lots about an approach that she had been interested in for some time.

So what is a Lego® Based Therapy approach??

It is an evidence based approach which promotes social skills development through collaborative play

The group that will be running from Swan Hill Therapy & Training Hub will be best suited to children aged 7 to 11 years old. It is run in groups of 3 children who each take on a role and have to collaborate with each other to build a specific item. Lego based therapy clubs tend to be aimed towards those children with:

  • Social communication difficulties
  • Autism
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional regulation difficulties

The flyer for the group is below – dates to be confirmed.

Lego Based Therapy Flyer

Please do contact us at Amica – Speech, Language & Communication Consultancy if you think your child might benefit.

But to be honest, who doesn’t like to build?! (See Ami’s creation from the course above!)

Later in June Dot Reeves, of Course Beetle fame, and Ami ran a workshop at Meole Brace School’s Big Science Fair. They were promoting communication, a range of courses at Course Beetle and Speech & Language Therapy in general.

They had a brilliant fun filled day with absolutely loads of kids (and quite a few ‘lego® curious’ adults too apparently!!) interested and they came up with some fabulous and interesting creations….