MyChoicePad is a multi-modal app for tablets. It is an educational app that uses Makaton symbols, signs, speech output and pictures to develop communication skills and language development. It is used by a range of adults, children and professionals.

It can help:

  • improve vocabulary
  • develop communication skills
  • increase independence

We offer training packages to schools, colleges, oraganisations, day centres, nurseries, hospitals, parents. The training would suit:

  • People who are new to iPads and tablets
  • People who are new to MyChoicePad
  • People who have some experience of using MyChoicePad and want to improve their knowledge
  • People that have some knowledge of Makaton and want to expand the use of it in a functional way

Ami Coleman became one of the first MyChoicePad trainers and now works in association with Insane Logic (click on the link and meet the team!) working on projects where practitioners have been supported to implement the use of MyChoicePad in various settings across the UK.


Here are some video links to demonstrate how the app can be used and some of the projects we have worked on:


One of the early projects based at Derwen College in Shropshire. Richard has now gone into supported living in Manchester.


Back in 2012, the software developers (it was a small team back then!!) came to visit students at Derwen College to see how it was being used in the ‘real’ world rather than just the techie world!