Children and Teenagers

Communication and language skills are essential in children and young people successfully developing socially, emotionally and educationally.

Everyone is different and can develop at different rates. However, over one million children and adolescents in the UK have speech, language or communication difficulties.

They may be experiencing difficulties with:

  • understanding language
  • using language to express themselves (e.g. the right words in the right order)
  • social interaction and confidence
  • emotional regulation
  • swallowing food or drink

We can provide a full assessment and therapy in any of these areas.

Some facts about teenage communication needs  taken from a report published by Ican:

  • 1 in 10 children have Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and this prevalence does not diminish into adolescence
  • 88% of unemployed young men display speech and language difficulties
  • Young people with language difficulties are at risk of  literacy, behavioural and other social problems
  • In one study, twice as many children from disadvantaged areas were found to have speech, language and communication needs as those from neighbouring areas
  • For some children, their problems do not emerge until secondary school. Others have communication difficulties which may be missed or are mistaken for literacy or behavioural problems and staff do not feel confident in identifying / supporting students with SLCN.