Dysphagia is a difficulty with any aspect of eating, drinking or swallowing.

Swallowing is a complex procedure that many of us take for granted until something goes wrong! Many people across the UK have swallowing difficulties and there are a range of causes. These can be:

  • neurological (e.g. stroke or dementia),
  • due to congenital or developmental conditions (e.g. cerebral palsy),
  • mechanical (e.g. head and neck cancers),
  • functional (e.g. as part of a mental health condition),
  • or due to other physical conditions (e.g. COPD)

Both Pam and Ami Coleman are qualified dysphagia practitioners. Pam Coleman has extensive experience working with a range of adults with dysphagia, most recently working in stroke rehabilitation. Ami Coleman has set up a dysphagia service at a specialist college for adults with learning disabilities and also has experience of working with adolescents and adults with dysphagia (including mental health conditions). Both therapists have delivered training in a variety of settings.

The training will be adapted to meet your needs, whether you work in a college, day centre, nursing home or you are a parent. Please contact us to discuss the training package you require.